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It began with a friendship...

It all began with a friendship in simpler times. And as they say, the rest is history. We started a family and did what most parents do. We began to read labels, eat fresh fruit and avoid the bad stuff. You get the idea.  

We always found it hard to find personal care products as wholesome as the food we eat.

That’s why we started this small company making natural personal care products that work harder while doing better. The kind you’d have found at a farmer’s market a century ago. 

We know where our ingredients come from and how they are harvested. We call this Ingredients with Integrity. It drives everything we do.

We sum it up in our name. A PLUM is wholesome, pure and authentically NAKED. Just like your personal care products should be. 

Experiencing is believing!

Kara, Jeff & Team Plum Naked